A windbreaker jacket should be lightweight, easy to put on and take off, and comfortable. Of course you want something that looks good as well. When choosing the best men’s windbreaker jacket, there are a number of options available from which you can choose. Therefore, it is important to compare several prior to choosing one.

How to choose a windbreaker

  • Comfort and Fit: You will need to move around when wearing your jacket, and you are likely going to wear a shirt/blouse beneath it. Therefore, something roomy, with free-range of motion around the arms and torso, are some things to look for when choosing your jacket.
  • Material and Detail: The material should be sturdy. Bear in mind this is a jacket meant to “break-wind.” Therefore, you want to choose something which can withstand wind gushes, won’t tear, and a jacket which isn’t frail. There are several materials, both heavy and light, which meet this criteria. When selecting materials choose fabrics which are “wicking” (keeps the water away/doesn’t penetrate the jacket), nylon, polyester, and cotton-blends, are the best options. They are lighter, so the jacket won’t weigh you down, and they are materials which won’t cause you to feel over-heated, in the event you are running around all day, and are wearing the jacket to keep you dry when you are outside.
  • Design Features: From a hood, to thumb holes, or a kangaroo-pocket, there are many factors you can consider when choosing your new jacket. The best waterproof jacket will be comfortable, feature storage spaces, and offer flexibility for movement. Regardless of brand or style, you want to choose the best winter jackets which are comfortable, and easy to wear anywhere.

10. Columbia Men’s Flashback jacket

10. Columbia Men's Flashback jacket -

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When it comes to winter clothing and jackets, Columbia is synonymous with quality. Durability, thick material fabric, and a material which is resistant to water and wind, are just a few of the features which set this jacket apart from others.

For men who like rugged, durable, and reputable brand name, this is one of the best men’s windbreaker jackets you can purchase online.

100% polyester is durable and sturdy It features elastic cuffs; however, this will allow you to maintain high levels of comfort, without compromising on the protection the jacket affords
Larger arm holes provide optimal comfort and range of motion
Hand pockets for storage and to keep you warm
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9. Ultra-Club Men’s Resistant Jacket

9. Ultra-Club Men's Resistant Jacket -

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This black jacket is wind resistant and waterproof. It is a nylon material, with button front closure. It is very light in weight, at only 2 oz, so you won’t feel weighed down wearing it either.

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For those who seek mobility, comfort, warmth, and free-range of motion, look no further. This is one of the best men’s jackets to consider.

Nylon material won’t damage or tearThe jacket is light; but, this allows for more mobility and allows you to layer-up if you choose to do so
It can withstand heavy wind gusts easily
Front button closure is easy to snap off and on quickly
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8. B&C Sirocco Lightweight Jacket

8. B&C Sirocco Lightweight Jacket -

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Light in weight, hooded, and front-pocket design, are a few nice features of this men’s windbreaker. This jacket is light, and features an adjustable nylon waistband, so you can fit it to your waist/size easily.

Durability, quality, and finish, are a few selling points of this jacket. For men who prefer simplicity and affordability, this is a great jacket to consider.

Adjustable waist and arm cuffsThe jacket has a hood, but for those who don’t like this feature, it is fully adjustable so you can store it away easily
Full zip closure
Fully lined for durability
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7. Charles River Classic Windbreaker

7. Charles River Classic Windbreaker -

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Style, comfort, and elegance, are a few nice features of this men’s jacket. The windbreaker is both wind and waterproof, to keep you warm and dry, even in the toughest of winter conditions.

A nice hood, simplistic design, and elegant front pocket for storage, are some features which make this one of the best men’s windbreaker jackets for the price.

A front kangaroo-pocket for storageIt is a pull-over design, but does feature a front zip, so you can still zip up or down if desired
Nice hood design for cooler temperatures
Nylon material is fully waterproof and protects you from heavy wind gusts
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6. Harriton Nylon Men’s Jacket

6. Harriton Nylon Men's Jacket -

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A front button closure, allows for comfortable fit and easy to put on or take off style. It is fully lined, so it will also help to keep you warmer when the weather gets cold.

Men who want something simple in design, protective, and comfortable, have found it here.

The nylon-tafetta material is durable and will withstand heavy gusts easilyThere is no hood; however, the jacket has a soft interior lining, which will add to the levels of comfort and warmth you will experience wearing the jacket
Interior lining will keep you warm even in colder temperatures
Front welt-pockets keep your hands warm and dry, in any and all weather conditions
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5. Dickies Front Men Nylon Jacket

5. Dickies Front Men Nylon Jacket -

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An iconic name, unique design, and comfortable fit, all add to this jacket from Dickies. The men’s jacket is made of polyester to help resist wet weather conditions. A snap front design ensures a comfortable fit.

For a roomy design, comfortable jacket, and something to keep you warm and dry, this is one of the best men’s windbreaker jackets you can purchase.

Front snap closure ensures a comfortable fitThe elastic waist can stretch; however, with proper fit, and making sure you choose the right size when ordering, this won’t be a major issue for most men who invest in this great jacket
Nylon and polyester finish will keep you dry in any weather conditions
Elastic waist and cuffs ensures the best fit for men
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4. Charles River Pack n’Go Men’s Jacket

4. Charles River Pack n'Go Men's Jacket -

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This men’s jacket is packable for you to store easily when it is not in use. It features a hood you can adjust or remove, as well as a kangaroo-pocket for additional storage if needed.

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This is one of the best jackets in terms of durability, comfort, and fit. It is true to size, and it has interior lining, so you will feel warm, all while staying dry, no matter what kind of conditions you encounter when wearing it.

Kangaroo pocket for additional storageThe jacket has no elastic waist or cuffs; with this in mind, it is adjustable, and form fitting, so you won’t have an issue as long as you purchase the appropriate size when ordering online.
Hood which is detachable and easy to move for a comfortable fit
Fully lined interior, which makes it comfortable, all while keeping you as warm as possible with use
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3. Gioberti Men’s Waterproof Jacket

3. Gioberti Men's Waterproof Jacket -

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Waterproof, wind-resistant, and comfortable. These are a few of the many aspects men will love from the minute they put this jacket on. It will keep you warm, and dry, when you get caught in those rainy conditions.

For windproof, durability, and comfort, this is one of the best waterproof jackets available for men. And, it is comfortable, so you won’t have to feel restricted in terms of your movement.

It is fully waterproof so you won’t feel wet in rainy conditionsVelcro seal arm flaps. But, this is nice for those who want a form-fit design, and something which won’t get in their way when moving around
It is windproof, and durable, so you don’t have to worry about tears
It features wicking technologies, so the rain doesn’t stay stuck on your body
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2. Columbia Glennaker Full-Zip Men’s Jacket

2. Columbia Glennaker Full-Zip Men's Jacket -

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This full zip jacket is made by one of the leading manufacturers in outerwear. So, you know you are getting one of the best men’s windbreaker jackets in this Columbia jacket. Add in the comfort, fit, and durability, and you won’t find many products which are superior on the market.

If you desire brand name recognition, durability and comfort, this is one of the best men’s jackets you can buy. And, it can be used for more than wet windy conditions.

Waterproof and wicking exterior, will keep you dry, and water off your jacketThe jacket isn’t form fitting. So, keep this in mind, and consider layers, so you can pick the right size when purchasing your new jacket online
Hideaway hood you can wear when necessary and zip shut when not in use
Breathable material so you’ll stay cool in nay conditions
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1. Columbia Watertight Front Zip Jacket

1. Columbia Watertight Front Zip Jacket -

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When you’re stuck in rainy conditions, this is your best friend. It is water and wind resistant, durable, and it looks great as you can choose from a series of colors when ordering it online.

Men who prefer something roomy, which allows for high levels of mobility while keeping warm in colder conditions, this is one of the best men’s windbreaker jackets for you to invest in.

Full front zip up closure for added comfortDrawstrings at the hem-lines can get in the way. However, these are easy to adjust, so they won’t weigh you down or limit mobility when you adjust them to the appropriate level/location when in use
The hood can be hidden when not in use
It has side slit pockets for warmth as well as additional storage
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The best windbreaker jacket is going to differ for every man. Therefore, considering a few of these options, comparing the features, and design, will help you choose the right style for you. Above are the best men’s windbreaker jackets from which you can choose, when you are ready to invest in a new jacket.


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