Gucci in and of itself is a brand which screams luxury and quality. When it comes to finding the best watches for men, there are plenty from which you can choose. And, when choosing a Gucci branded watch, you have many fine timepieces you can choose from as well. Below we will detail the purchase aspects, as well as the best Gucci watches for men you can buy today.

How to choose the best Gucci Watches for men

  • Genuine:¬†You have to buy it from the right merchant. Here we will not only provide you the links to find the best Gucci watches for men, but also the best watches for any style. You want quality and you want brand name. Therefore, you have to make sure you get a genuine Gucci timepiece, when the time comes to order it from a retailer.
  • Size and Fit: Depending on your wrist size, style, and whether you prefer digital or chronograph, there are several men’s watches. Gucci has several styles and size options from which you can choose. Therefore, you should consider the comfort level and fit, based upon wrist size when purchasing.
  • Dial and Bezel: Some watches have a turning dial/bezel while others are fixed. Depending on the mode you prefer, this is one of the factors which you should account for when choosing your new Gucci watch.
  • Style: Do you prefer a leather, gold, or a plastic band? Large or small dial? There are many aspects you need to consider in terms of look and features in design, when choosing your Gucci watch. So, before you purchase one, to ensure you find the best Gucci watches for men, compare the design to find the right fit for you.

10. Gucci Timeless Men’s Watch

10. Gucci Timeless Men's Watch -

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As the name implies, this is a timeless piece which won’t go out of style. A large blue face with red hands, scratch resistant sapphire case, and plastic band, comfort levels are extremely high with this quality piece. For men who want simple and elegant, functional, and form-fitting comfort, this is one of the best Gucci watches for men you will find online.


  • Large red hands make it easy to see the time.
  • Blue dial contrasts well with red hands.
  • Hard plastic band is comfortable, and ensures proper grip.
  • Quality materials guarantee precision and accuracy in timekeeping.

9. Gucci Swiss Dial Men’s Watch

9. Gucci Swiss Dial Men's Watch -

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Stainless steel band, large dial for easy timekeeping, and a gorgeous black face, help define this piece. The highly-visible Gucci name on the face, also gives this watch a nice touch of elegance. If you prefer simplicity while choosing a name-brand piece, you’ve got it here. The classic name, and the high-quality finishes, make this one of the best watches you can buy.


  • Stainless steel finishes are elegant.
  • The black faces balances well with the watch.
  • Nicely placed Gucci on the face, provides an added touch of elegant charm.
  • The date window is a bit small, but well placed which allows you to easily read the time/date on the watch’s face.

8. Gucci G-Timeless Men’s Watch

8. Gucci G-Timeless Men's Watch -

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If you want a watch which won’t go out of style, this is it. Stainless steel frame and band, snap closure back for a secure fit, and a black face with small diamonds at the hour-hands, all add to the allure of this piece. It is simple yet elegant. It is easy to read, yet not too flashy. This is a great piece for balance and precision, with that added name-brand touch.


  • Small diamonds help you easily mark the hour hands.
  • A small, smooth transition allows for accurate timekeeping.
  • A black face and silver hands, clearly mark hours and minutes.
  • It is ideal for men with smaller wrists, as it has a smaller face/dial than most men’s watches.

7. Gucci G-Timeless rectangular face

7. Gucci G-Timeless rectangular face -

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With a leather band, large rectangular face, and strategically placed Gucci emblem, this watch will stand out from miles away. A large display makes accurate and precision in timekeeping possible, no matter what time zone you are in. This watch is easy to adjust, comfortable, and has a large face. If you prefer a distinct shape and fit, this is the watch you are going to want to consider purchasing.


  • A large rectangular face makes it easy to read hours and minutes.
  • A black leather band screams luxury and quality.
  • A stainless steel face, contrasts well with your leather black band.
  • Quality leather band is easy to adjust, and fits any sized wrist.

6. Gucci Dive Analog Watch –

6. Gucci Dive Analog Watch -

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A perfect pair with your blue face/dial, and stainless steel band. It is highly visible, and the large, circular face, is easy to read, easy to see, and has a sapphire quartz, scratch resistant finish, for optimal protection of your new watch. Quality, design, and elegance. These are a few of the many aspects which make this one of the best Gucci watches for men you can find.


  • Beautiful blue face is easy to read.
  • Stainless steel band is comfortable to wear.
  • It is easily adjustable, for any sized wrist.
  • It has a small face, however it features a bright display and hands, which makes it easy to read the time.

5. Gucci 114 Men’s Watch

5. Gucci 114 Men's Watch -

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For those who prefer digital reading, this is your watch. A large face, easy to read numbers, and a brown Gucci marked band, are a few of the many design features you can spot from a distance.

You can add multiple time zones as well. For those who like technology and luxury packed into one piece, this is the Gucci watch for you.


  • Digital reading makes it easy to read anywhere.
  • Backlit display so you can read time even in the dark.
  • Nice brown plastic band, with large G logo, for optimal design detail.
  • Digital timekeeping will automatically adjust, so there’s no need to wind your watch regularly.

4. Gucci G-Chrono Men’s Watch

4. Gucci G-Chrono Men's Watch -

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Elegance and simplicity are wrapped into one with this watch. A large band makes it comfortable even for men with larger wrists. And, the nice backlit display makes it easy for you to read and keep time anywhere. Simple and elegant, professional, and precision. These are some features men are bound to appreciate with this great watch.


  • Easy to read face and dial.
  • Easy to adjust to your wrist size for a comfortable fit.
  • The black face has nice textured design print.
  • The watch has a smaller face, but compensates with heavy material finishes, for durability.

3. Gucci G-Timeless Quartz

3. Gucci G-Timeless Quartz -

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The rose gold detail on the stainless steel band will stand out from a distance. A nice looking watch face, easy to read display, and quality finishes, all make this a great Gucci watch. For those who want the best Gucci watches for men which have nice design and detail work built in, this is the piece you are going to want to buy.


  • Gold and rose toned detail stand out.
  • Heavy duty clasp for easy closure.
  • Black face with slim hands for optimal mobility.
  • The hours are clearly marked with lines, so you can easily see what time it is when reading the watch face.

2. Gucci G-Timeless Slim Case

2. Gucci G-Timeless Slim Case -

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Another excellent piece from the Timeless collection. If you prefer a slimmer profile, then this watch will deliver. And, the classic green and red emblem of Gucci, is built right in, so your watch has that distinct look and feel to it. The watch is light, so it won’t weigh you down. A classic and simple look, with touches of elegance, make this one of the best Gucci watches for men online.


  • Simple design and dial reading.
  • Green and red iconic Gucci emblem are present.
  • A slim design will not weigh your wrist down when worn.
  • With slimmer design also comes a lighter weight. This means the watch won’t weigh you down when worn for several hours at a time.

1. Gucci Stainless Steel WYNC

1. Gucci Stainless Steel WYNC -

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If you want a nice piece that stands out, this is it. The large blue band and dial, red interior hand dials, and the classic Gucci emblem, give this watch a unique shape all its own. If you like simple, elegant, yet flashy in one piece, you have it here with this classic Gucci watch for men.

  • It is large and heavy, so it is durable
  • It has the large GG through the back, for a highly visible emblem
  • The hands are easy to read, even if you are in darker conditions when wearing your new watch
  • The all-blue finish, and face/dial, give the watch a distinct style and appearance. It is going to stand out anywhere you choose to wear your watch. And, with the Gucci name backing this timepiece, you know that it is quality built, and won’t get dinged/damaged regardless of what you are wearing it to do


Gucci is known for quality and prestige; when it comes to choosing your watch you shouldn’t compromise. When the time comes to choose your new watch, gold, plastic, or leather band-finish, there are several options offered by Gucci. Above are a few of the best Gucci watches for men which you should consider, to find the right fit for you.


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